Interview with Al Cole on CBS radio

Al Cole has hosted 2,000 of America’s Top Interviews on his Nationally Syndicated Talk Show --  PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION!

 Al Cole's fans and associates have affectionately dubbed themselves AL COLE-HOLICS! 

Listen in- Robert's interview starts  at minute 3 


~~ Divine Feminine- Episode 061b ~~

Listen in as Robert talks with hosts Echo Bodine and Bobby Sullivan about Jaycee and the topic of The Divine Feminine.

The interview with Robert starts around the 30 minute mark, but listen to the whole episode-- it is definitely worth the time!  

And do yourself a favor and stick around for the meditation with Echo at the end!

~~ Friday Night Author Roundtable ~~


Robert was a guest on the Friday Night  Author Roundtable podcast on November 1st.

Follow the link below, find podcast #121, and listen to Robert's interview starting at time 16:10...